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FOCUS Marketing & Advertising is a multi-faceted Advertising Agency


FOCUS Marketing and Advertising is a multi-faceted advertising agency that was established in 1998. The agency has become evidently known and  has proven to be very competitive in the Jordanian advertising industry offering a multitude of services that includes marketing, branding, public relations, graphic design, social media, event management and all forms of advertising.  

FOCUS specializes in media relations, developing effective communication strategies with its clients and their audience; generating successful marketing campaigns; creating publicity measures utilizing all facets of disciplines.

FOCUS has witnessed excellent growth over the past years, servicing clients in the fields of information technology,  telecommunication, electronics, manufacturing, foundations, governmental & non profitable organization, and  five star hotels & restaurants. The agency succeeded to set a record of efficiency and excellence.

FOCUS is committed to a strong code of ethics, and is dedicated to serving its clients with integrity and professionalism. Together with a dedicated creative team, FOCUS staff includes well-trained, experienced executives that continuously follow up on its clients' needs.  Offering years of expertise from its in-house dedicated staff, FOCUS manages to set and maintain high standards on a consistent basis in the  image building business.

In the growing market and our non-stop developing industry, FOCUS continuously thrives to broaden its services to ensure a comprehensive service to all its clients.


Jennifer Haddad, managing director of FOCUS Marketing & Advertising; is a graduate of higher education from the University of Liverpool, where she acquired her MSc in Global Consumer Marketing.

Jennifer Haddad began her career in  advertising in the year 1994. In 1998, she founded and established FOCUS Marketing & Advertising. During her many years of experience; Jennifer is proud to mention that every project she handled was completed to client satisfaction. She had the  opportunity of working with both international and local organizations in a variety of fields including; governmental and non-profitable  organizations, Foundations, School Based Professional Development and Youth Development Organizations as well as private companies in the fields of Information Technology and Communications, Hotel & Tourism Financial Investments and Retail & Trade. 

Boasting years of experience, Jennifer Haddad is considered a veteran in the marketing & advertising industry and is recognized today as an expert in the field.

Recently working as a marketing consultant; Jennifer provides consulting services to very prestigious entities in Jordan and in the region.